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Self Hypnosis


Most people believe that hypnosis is only used for entertainment by magicians and performers. Although stage hypnosis is one of the types of hypnosis, this is not the only purpose. The following paragraphs will elaborate on the various purposes of hypnosis.


The first and most known use of hypnosis is for stage performances. Performers or magicians use manipulation, illusion and a little bit of hypnosis to make the audience believe that the subject is hypnotized. Magicians and stage performers use various triggers to put the subject into a shallow hypnotic trance and then impart suggestions that make the subject perform certain acts. Stage hypnosis is short lived and these effects usually wear off in a few minutes.


The second and most beneficial use of self hypnosis is to treat physical and emotional problems of people. Hypnotherapists are trained professionals who tap into the patient’s subconscious mind and help the patient get relief for problems such as pain, eating disorders, sleep disorders and depression. Hypnotherapists use two powerful techniques to solve medical problems. The first technique is deep breathing and the second technique is imparting suggestions. Deep breathing allows the brain to get enough oxygen which in turn relaxes the muscles and allows the patient to think calmly. Through suggestions, the therapist will encourage the patient while he is in the hypnotic trance and help him realize that the discomfort he is feeling is not as bad as it is. This type of hypnosis can also help people get over painful memories and learn to deal with them effectively.


The third use of hypnosis is to treat stress and stress related disorders. This is known as therapeutic hypnotherapy. Deep breathing and suggestions are also implanted in therapeutic hypnosis but in this type of hypnotherapy, the patient is taught how to control his thoughts, how to relax and how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. This type of hypnotherapy can increase a person’s performance and help him live life in a more balanced way. People who worry constantly or have a habit of taking stress usually benefit from this type of hypnosis.


Hypnosis cannot be used to make people do things against their will and although it is commonly believed that when under the effects of hypnosis people can do wrong things, this is not true. Hypnotherapy can be used for other purposes as well however in order to hypnotize someone it is important for the person to be willing to get hypnotized. In most cases, people who feel that they are not willing but get hypnotized are actually willing subconsciously.


Self hypnosis is usually done to help people get rid of small problems by themselves. Self hypnosis can not only improve a person’s self esteem but can also help a person get rid of phobias and inhibitions. Self hypnosis has to be learned and mastered to have good effects.


Remember, hypnosis is safe when done correctly and if done for the right reasons then the patient or the subject can benefit tremendously. Professionals who use hypnosis on subjects for any reason have spent some time studying and also spent a lot of time practicing hypnosis to reach where they are.


od of !� teدS�Tn help people get rid of various problems. Since the effects of hypnosis can only be noticed after a few sessions, it is important to be patient and wait for the results. Patients who have improved significantly through hypnosis often learn how to induce self hypnosis by opting for courses. These courses can be found online and a few local hypnosis schools also teach these courses.