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Self Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy is a term used when hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes or medical purposes. Professionals who help people benefit with hypnotherapy are known as hypnotherapists and these professionals spend years training to practice. These days many people are considering hypnotherapy to get relief from ailments since hypnosis when done correctly has many benefits. The following paragraphs will elaborate on a few of the benefits of hypnosis or hypnotherapy.


To begin with, it is important to understand what hypnotherapy is. This technique of treatment involves a trained professional putting the patient into a partially unconscious state. The professional then makes suggestions that help the patient get relief from physical and emotional problems. Usually hypnotherapists begin by asking the patient to inhale deeply and imagine themselves in a peaceful place, after which the hypnotherapist asks the patient to walk down stairs while he counts from 10 to 1. After this, the hypnotherapist addresses the problems of the patient and through suggestions and encouragement helps the patient get over the problems. At the end of the session, the hypnotherapist asks the patient to go back to the peaceful place and then climb up the stairs through which the patient comes out of the peaceful trance.


Hypnotherapy or hypnosis when done for medical purposes is considered to be very beneficial mainly because this treatment solves underlying problems and not just the symptoms. Unlike pain medicines or flu medicines, hypnotherapy doesn’t treat symptoms but treats the mind and treats the patient. Contrary to the popular belief, self hypnosis cannot make someone do an act against their own will hence it is important for the patient to be willing to opt for hypnotherapy.


One of the main benefits of hypnotherapy is that this treatment helps people quit bad habits that they themselves want to get rid of but cannot. Hypnotherapy has helped many people quit smoking, drugs, gambling and alcohol. Hypnotherapy has been known to successfully have cured problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Bulimia, Anorexia and joint pain.


Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to help a person relax. People who worry intentionally can be taught how to relax by using hypnosis. This in turn, reduces problems such as anxiety, panic disorders and high blood pressure. Hypnotherapists help people get rid of inhibitions, physical problems and emotional problems by tapping into the sub conscious mind that controls inhibitions, fears and phobias.


Self hypnosis is a process through which a person hypnotizes himself by using suggestions and following the laws of this treatment to induce a trance of peace and tranquility. Self hypnosis is considered very effective as well and is ideal for people who do not want to visit a hypnotherapist frequently. However, it is important to learn the right way to induce self hypnosis since this is a delicate procedure that has a lot to do with the brain.


Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is slowly being recognized as a successful way to get rid of various problems effectively. A few insurance companies also cover hypnosis for medical purposes under medical coverage. Hypnosis when done correctly can be more effective than anti depressant medicines, pain medicines and other traditional medicines.