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Self Hypnosis


Hypnosis has various applications and the most beneficial use of hypnosis is to cure patients. Various ailments can be cured through hypnotherapy and some of these ailments include smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, weight problems, eating disorders, digestive problems and chronic pain. The following paragraphs will elaborate on what hyper-suggestibility is and how it works while being used with hypnosis.


self hypnosis is a state of hyper-suggestibility where in the hypnotherapist imparts instructions or suggestions to help the patient get rid of physical and mental problems. In this state of hyper-suggestibility, the patient adheres to these instructions or suggestions and implements the things said to him when he is out of the hypnotic state.


To use hypnosis on a patient, the hypnotherapist helps the patient relax by asking the patient to close his eyes and breathe deeply. After this the hypnotherapist asks the patient to imagine a pleasant place and visit that place in his mind. The hypnotherapist then counts down from 10 to 1 and puts the patient in a semi conscious or semi unconscious state also known as a hypnosis trance. When the patient is in this state of hypnosis the hypnotherapist will impart suggestions. Usually hypnotherapists do not give orders since most people refuse to accept orders, however most people accept suggestions and answer questions such as “would you like to quit smoking” or “can you stop smoking.”


Contrary to the popular belief, while the patient is under hypnosis, he can actually speak but in most cases the patient will only reply to questions. Since hypnosis is a delicate procedure it should only be performed by a professional who has knowledge about the brain, the right techniques of hypnosis and the problem that the patient is experiencing.


During the stage of hypnosis hyper-suggestibility, the mind accepts suggestions especially those that seem right. For instance, a smoker wants to quit smoking but cannot but while he is under hypnosis his mind accepts suggestions because he is willing to quit smoking. Hypnosis can not only cure problems such as smoking or drugs but can also increase a person’s performance at sports, at work and at other places. While a patient is under hypnosis the therapist not only has access to his conscious mind but also his unconscious mind. Due to this fact, hypnosis is very effective if done correctly.


Most people often argue that when they were under hypnosis for stage performances or for shows, they did not want to do certain things but they did them against their own will. This is partially true since although the person did not want to perform these acts, the person unconsciously did not oppose to these acts hence the performer managed to use hypnosis to manipulate the subject.


Hypnosis cannot work without a person’s consent and to get treatment or help of any kind it is important for the patient to fully agree. The patient not only has to agree to get treatment but also has to put his faith in the hypnotherapist so that he can get the help he needs. Hypnosis has successfully treated various ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, pain, panic disorders and depression. By opting for hypnosis, people can become free of pain medicines and many other medicines.