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Currently, the potentials of hypnosis therapy in dealing with any problems that are psychological are becoming popular. Despite this fact, knowledge on the medical benefits associated with hypnosis is quite inadequate. To date, there have been a long number of debates on the medical benefits of hypnotherapy and hypnosis. However, all debates have the conclusion that hypnosis is more of a therapeutic application. A good example can be seen by the research which was done by a medical journal. This journal did a research on hypnosis and came up with a review of its therapies with regards to relaxation. From the study, they came to the conclusion that hypnosis is capable of enhancing cognitive behavioral therapy with effects that could treat anxiety and obesity. Additionally, their research showed that hypnosis was capable of having valuable input in treatment of asthma and irritable bowel movements.  Such results are taken to be proof of medical benefits of hypnosis.
Furthermore, there was a paper which was published in the Journal of Rheumatology which cited hypnosis seemed to be medically beneficial to patients with Fibromyalgia. In the paper, they have stated that patients who underwent a three month program showed amazing results especially when it came to dealing with sleeping patterns, fatigue, and pain related issues and overall health assessment. Recently, The National Library of Medicine or PuMed, released to the public over ten thousand articles that related studies, advancements and researches on hypnosis. Most of these articles focused on the effectiveness of hypnosis in various medical related complications. Some of the cases which were being discussed included Hepatitis C, anesthesia, enuresis, pain relief, insomnia and even AIDS. 
Additional, the medical benefits of hypnosis have been seen to be valuable when it was introduced to patients who were suffering from tricotillomania. This is a kind of illness whereby the patients losses their hair as a result of pulling it. This is a disorder that is quite hard to treat and it can actually result in anguish and ultimately baldness. Though it is mostly prevalent in adults, infants have a capability of suffering from the disorder. There was a study that was conducted on children with this disorder. For two months, they had their treatment using hypnosis therapy instead of the normal treatment methods. Majority of the patients were cooperative during the treatment with two having recovered by the end of the treatment session. Since this was the case, treatment was continued for another two months where one of the patients fully recovered. After doing follow-up for the rest of the treatment period, 16 months, all the patients had fully recovered and none showed signs of tricotillomania.
With all this information, you will find that medical institutions are doing research and studies on the different capabilities of hypnosis. This means that there is a high possibility that hypnosis has more medical benefits than originally anticipated. Trying to make a list of the medical benefits of hypnosis is quite impossible. Every now and then new discoveries are being made while other options are being evaluated. For example, some ancient cultures have been found to have been using hypnosis even before the 20th century. This means that the medical benefits of hypnosis cannot be summarized in a simple way. At the same time, it means that the benefits have not also been completely explored and exhausted. As long as there is continuity on the advancement in technology, there will be new methods of exploiting hypnosis to discover its benefits. You can be able to gather in depth information on the medical benefits of hypnosis by looking at particular subjects that show a relation with the same.