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The history of medical treatment with hypnosis is very wide. What is astonishing is that since time immemorial, hypnosis has been used by people under various guises. As this is the case, it can be considered as being nothing new. Various methods were used to influence people while producing altered states of awareness to people of different ages. In some areas, tribal doctors (otherwise known as healers, medicine men and witch doctors) were put in high regard by their respective tribes. Such people used hypnosis to enter into a trance like state where they could go deep into through and consult their instinct. When they gave results which were accurate, they became revered for their powers which the normal tribesman could not understand.
Another interesting fact about effects of hypnosis in medical treatment in history is that group hypnosis was present many centuries ago. In fact, it began with ancient civilizations. In those days, there were many group rituals which were performed in the form of mass meditation and chanting. The pace of meditation and chanting was normally set by a steady drum beat. Normally, these were part of religious ceremonies. Ancient Persians, Greeks and Egyptians have proof in form of irrefutable documentation which provides evidence that shows they used similar techniques to what is currently being referred to as hypnosis. In those days, invalids were taken to sleep temples in order to be cured. Individuals were placed in a trance or sleep like state using inductions that are very similar to the ones used in hypnosis today.
There were many physicians in those days that used hypnosis as an alternative form of medicine. Though all of them could not be recognized due to various reasons, some of them are well known today for their works in the past. For example, Hippocrates was a medicine man who is famous for his works in the past. He was the author of various medical works in the past and is said to have been an outstanding physician. At one point, he used to be referred to as the father of medicine. Hippocrates believed that all human emotion came from the brain. Since all emotion existed there, it was logical to say that controlling the brain meant controlling the emotions. As a result, he came to the conclusion that the brain was the seat of disease, illness and the center of control to the whole body.
One of the first types of hypnosis to be experimented with was animal hypnosis. In fact, it was also one of the first types of hypnosis that was accepted. For example, farmers in France learnt a method that they could use to hypnotize hens so that they could sit on eggs that did not belong to them. In the mid 19th century in Germany, there were many travelling shows that moved from one place to other showing different forms of hypnosis on animals like salamanders, frogs, rabbits amongst others.    
A century before this, there was different reports all over Europe. During this time, there was a person by the name of Franz Anton Mesmer. He was responsible for various cures that include nervous illnesses, toothaches and stomach trouble. Mesmer was reported to have been capable of curing people by using magnets. He furthered his methods by combining them with conventional treatments. He had the belief that being out of sync with the rhythm of the universe could be a cause of nervous or mental illness. He was capable of providing extraordinary cures such that they were listed cures for fitful fever, melancholia, epilepsy, hysteria and apoplectic lameness in his first published report. All these are examples of history of medical treatment with hypnosis.