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Self Hypnosis


The term hypnosis has two meanings. According to mental state theory hypnosis is a mental state whereas according to non state theory hypnosis is an imaginative or role enactment state. Hypnosis is usually induced by a procedure which consists of many initial instructions and suggestions. This procedure is known as hypnotic induction. These hypnotic instructions or suggestions are usually parted by a certified hypnotic professional in presence of the subject who agrees to undergo this procedure.


The word hypnosis is originally derived from the medical term neuro-hypnotism and this term nervous sleep. This term was invented by James Braid in the year1841. However, James Braid had a different theory on how hypnosis worked and referred to it as animal magnetism or mesmerizing a being.


Contrary to what most people believe, in reality hypnosis is actually a form of unconsciousness that resembles sleep. According to contemporary research, hypnotic subjects were considered to be fully awake with a corresponding decrease of mental awareness. Over the years, it has been found that this contemporary research is inaccurate.


self hypnosis can also be self induced through self suggestions or auto suggestions. To induce self hypnosis, it is important for the person to know the right way to induce this form of hypnosis and usually it is recommended not to do so unless the person has done extensive research or has enrolled in self hypnosis courses.


Hypnosis is used for therapeutic and medical purposes. When used for these purposes, this form of hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can also be used to entertain people and this form of hypnosis is known as stage hypnosis. Usually when people are under the effects of hypnosis for entertainment they are asked to do publically humiliating things however, when people are under the effects of hypnosis for medical or therapeutic purposes, the subjects can be helped tremendously. The effects of stage hypnosis is short lived and can be gotten rid of easily.


Most people believe that when in the state of hypnotic suggestion, they can be made to do any bizarre act, but the truth is that hypnosis can only work when the person agrees to do something. Due to this reason hypnotherapists require the person to agree to be treated since without the consent of the person the therapy doesn’t work as effectively as it should.


There are various benefits of hypnotherapy and some of these benefits include pain reduction, reduction of phobias or fears and increased sports performance or other performance. The subjects that undergo hypnotherapy can also be encouraged to lose weight or leave bad habits. Hypnosis can also be used to help people get rid of inhibitions and to help people relax. Some hypnotic professionals also have the ability to reduce skin problems and other physical problems by giving instructions and suggestions while the subject is under the hypnotic stage. Hypnotherapy has been used successfully to treat irritable bowel syndrome and there have been many cases where people have benefited from hypnotherapy when used as a medical procedure.