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Most people have seen one or more people being hypnotized and made to do funny or embarrassing things at clubs or theaters. This kind of hypnosis act is known as stage hypnosis and is used to entertain people. The following paragraphs will elaborate on some facts about stage hypnosis.


Stage hypnosis is performed by magicians and other professionals who have expertise in tapping into the subconscious mind and making people do certain things. Hypnosis professionals also manipulate the subject and make the subject do certain things while on stage. Usually people who are hypnotized for entertainment are willing subjects and due to this willingness the hypnotist manages to convince the subject to do certain things.


Having the consent of the subject is very important since hypnosis doesn’t work on people who are not willing to undergo self hypnosis. Stage hypnotists also manipulate people and make them do certain things while on the stage. Usually most people who are hypnotized on stage disagree with this and state that they did not want to do what they were told, however this is not entirely true since even though consciously they may not wanted to have perform that particular act, subconsciously the subjects were ready to be hypnotized.


To hypnotize someone, the performer uses a trigger such as a sound or movement that puts the subject in a semi unconscious state that is a hypnosis trance. This state is only temporary and is worn off when the same trigger is repeated. After the first trigger, the performer imparts suggestions or instructions due to which the subject performs certain acts. Common triggers include the sound of a bell, the sound of a whistle, a tap on the shoulder or a tap on the arm.


Most people get worried when they are asked to come on stage to be part of a hypnosis act however, stage hypnosis is actually very safe and does not have any side effects. Stage hypnosis usually has a very short span and it often wears off in just a few minutes. Unlike what most people believe, after the hypnosis wears off, if the subject hears the trigger or feels the trigger then he does not start performing those acts again.


There are various online schools that teach people how to perform stage hypnosis. These online schools have hypnosis learning courses that range from 1 week to 3 months. Usually to become an expert, the person not only has to take these classes but also has to practice on a daily basis. There are also some local schools that offer hypnosis classes and these courses vary between schools.


Stage hypnosis cannot be used to treat medical conditions or to help people get rid of stress since the techniques used for stage hypnosis are very different from those used for medical hypnosis. Hypnotherapists who help people get rid of medical problems have expertise in various physical and emotional problems. Usually for medical hypnosis the patient has to visit the therapist various times either once a day or once a week to get treated. Medical hypnosis can treat problems such as insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, body pain, anorexia, bulimia, depression and anxiety disorders.