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Self Hypnosis


Regular psychotherapy is a medical treatment technique in which a psychotherapist helps patients overcome problems such as depression, panic disorders and nervousness. Psychotherapy in hypnosis on the other hand is a medical technique through which patients are put in a semi conscious or semi unconscious trance and they are helped through suggestions. Professionals who perform psychotherapy in hypnosis are known as hypnotherapists. The following paragraphs will elaborate on some facts about medical hypnosis.


People who suffer from problems such as depression or bi polar disorder often find it hard to control negative thoughts even when they want to stop these thoughts. Hypnosis is very effective treatment method since through hypnosis the person’s subconscious mind can be coaxed into replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. self hypnosis can also help people learn how to control thoughts, how to relax and how to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.


Since the subconscious mind is very powerful and cannot be accessed in any other way, hypnosis professionals put the patient in a semi conscious state and then make suggestions to help the patient. While the patient is in this semi conscious state, the patient accepts suggestions. When the patient is bought out of this hypnosis state, the patient will be ready to implement these suggestions.


Depending on the mindset of the patient, suggestions can be implemented by the patient in 1 day or 1 week. Usually if a patient is open to the idea of getting help via hypnosis then he will notice an immediate benefit however if the patient is reluctant or hesitant then it can take some time for the patient to benefit from hypnosis psychotherapy.


The main benefit of hypnosis in psychotherapy is that this medical treatment helps people do things that they want to do but cannot due to certain barriers. Hypnosis removes these barriers and allows the person to do certain things, like think positive thoughts, control negative thoughts and live life normally. Hypnosis can also remove inhibitions, phobias and fears. Hypnosis is also known to have helped people with panic disorders or nervousness problems. 


The other technique used in hypnosis is deep breathing. Deep breathing and relaxation go hand in hand since breathing deeply allows the body to relax and the brain to think clearly. Before suggesting anything to the patient, the hypnosis professional will ask the patient to take in a few deep breaths, exhale a few times and close the eyes. These steps ensure that the brain gets enough oxygen and allows the muscles to relax. Deep breathing and relaxation are two very important techniques that have to be followed since hypnosis will not work if the patient is nervous, scared or uncooperative.


Hypnosis can not only help people cope with their problems but this form of treatment can also replace depression medicines and other medicines. It is important to note that to get maximum benefits from hypnosis the patient has to visit the hypnotherapist a few times every month for a few months. If the hypnotherapist and the patient feel that the patient is improving then the patient can slowly shift over to self hypnosis.