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Frequently Asked Questions about Post-Hypnotic Suggestion PDF Print E-mail
Self Hypnosis


Most people who hear about hypnosis often fear that they will be made to do embarrassing things and acts against their will when they are in a trance. The following paragraphs will bust these myths and provide facts about self hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestions.


What are Post Hypnotic Suggestions?

Post hypnotic suggestions are instructions or suggestions that are given to patients while they are under hypnosis. The patients are supposed to follow these suggestions when they are in a full waking state. For instance if the hypnotherapist tells the patient that he is going to be more confident during the day then the patient's subconscious mind will accept this suggestion and follow it.


How Long Does it Take for Post Hypnotic Suggestions to Work?

Usually the time take for the suggestions imparted during hypnosis to be implemented differs however, in most cases these suggestions are implemented within 1 week from the first session. To get maximum results patients often have to repeat sessions once a week or once a fortnight.  Patients, who are willing to work on the suggestions, often see faster results compared to patients who are unwilling or hesitant to work on these suggestions.


How Can I Benefit Though Hypnosis?

Hypnosis can not only increase your self esteem and performance but it can also help you get rid of problems such as smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol abuse, pain and depression. There have been many cases of hypnosis treating patients with irritable bowel syndrome. Many women, who want to give birth naturally without taking medicines or opting for an operation, opt for hypnosis since this helps them learn how to relax while giving birth and to forget the pain. For hypnosis to work, the selected hypnotherapist should be qualified and should know the various techniques of hypnosis.


What Are These Two Techniques and Can I Learn Them?

The two techniques that are commonly used in hypnosis include suggestions and deep breathing. Suggestions are vital in helping people get rid of physical and mental problems, while deep breathing helps people relax and get rid of stress. Breathing deeply ensures that enough oxygen is received by the brain which not only relaxes the muscles but also prevents nervousness during hypnosis. These techniques can be learned and hypnosis can be self induced to solve problems related to anxiety, pain and depression. Learning self hypnosis is not hard and there are various online courses that can help people learn these techniques however, it is important to note that self hypnosis should only be practiced after the person has gained expertise in this field.


Can my Subconscious Mind be Made to Do Any Act While I am Under Hypnosis?

No, patients can only be made to do what they agree to do since hypnosis doesn’t work when the patient is unwilling to do a certain act. To get effective treatment and for the hypnosis to work the patient should be ready to fully agree to the hypnotherapist since if the patient’s conscious or subconscious mind doesn’t agree, then hypnosis won’t work.